Year End Field Notes

As several ambitious projects come to a close this fall, I look forward to new opportunities in 2019.

I’m excited to report that I will be participating in Now + There’s Public Art Accelerator program. This incubator-type program provides six local artists with training, mentorship, and funding to create a community-driven public art project in the city of Boston this summer/fall. I have yet to line up a community partner or site, but am open to ideas. So, please reach out.

I’ll continue to work with Dr. Aaron Ellison at the Harvard Forest to produce a publication about our collaborative art-based science communication projects. The book with be project archive, design case study, and critical essay on our arts-science collaborations including Hemlock Hospice and Warming Warning. One can read a sample of our co-authored writings in the October issue of SciArt Magazine and a  SocArXiv preprint for our chapter in the upcoming Routledge Handbook of Art, Science, and Technology Studies.

My public speaking engagements and workshops continue to play an ever expanding role in my practice. This year included over 30 public talks/tours starting with my Hybrid Vigor presentation at the New Directions in American Landscapes conference in Philadelphia. The year concluded with a talk for educators with Dr. Aaron Ellison, entitled Environmental Art: Reflection, Provocation, and Action at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero. 

In response to requests, I’ve developed three new talks for 2019 including a professional development talk for students and recent graduates which uses my career track as an example of creating an intentional self-directed interdisciplinary practice. The talk is not a stereotypical “how-to” career advice presentation, but an empowering, yet cautionary, conversation about creative growth and self-determination. Interested in hosting a talk or workshop at your organization? Click here for lecture abstracts and availability.